Step-By-Step Guide To Enabling Wi-Fi On An Lg Tv

Step-By-Step Guide To Enabling Wi-Fi On An Lg Tv

Using wifi connectivity to connect your LG TV to the internet is a great way to maximize the value of your entertainment experience. It also eliminates the need to maintain long, tiring wires around your home and allows you to access all of your favourite content. In this article, we’ll show you how to turn wifi on LG TV and access the world of entertainment. 

Steps to Turn Wifi on LG TV

  1. Connect the Antenna

The first step to accessing wifi on LG TVs is to connect the antenna to the TV. The antenna is usually included with a LG TV and must be connected to a USB port or receiver jack to access wifi. Once the antenna is connected, the TV should be able to pick up signals from any wifi networks within range. 

  1. Enter Network Settings

Once the antenna is connected, enter your LG TV’s network settings menu. Different models of LG TVs may require different steps to enter the network settings menu, so consult your user manual if needed. 

  1. Select Network Type

From the network settings menu, select the “wifi” option. This will allow your LG TV to access wireless networks. When the LG TV is connected to the wifi, you’ll be able to access streaming content, social media, and other services. 

  1. Connect to WiFi

Finally, select the wifi network that you would like to connect to and enter any necessary credentials. Your LG TV should now be connected to the internet. You’re all set to enjoy streaming movies, shows, and other online content! 


That’s all you need to do to get your LG TV connected to wifi! Now you can capitalize on entertainment options like streaming media, social media, and other services that require an internet connection. If you need help troubleshooting any of the steps above, consult your LG TV user manual for further assistance. 

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