Why Introduce Technology in Schools

Why Introduce Technology in Schools

With the growing technology and advancements in science, the world has evolved in many ways, hence education is also no longer limited to four walls of a classroom. Leaving behind the conventional methods of doing academic and administrative work, schools must switch to technology. To enhance the learning experience of students, teaching strategies, and overall functioning, schools must opt for upgraded tools and technologies. Let us discuss why schools should opt for technology in detail. 

5 reasons to introduce technology in schools 

1.Going smart with administration

To ensure the smooth running and functioning of a school, proper administration is very important. Admins have to perform several tasks every day. Doing this work manually becomes quite hectic and tiresome. Also, the chances of errors and mistakes are high. With the penetration of technology, the whole administrative work can be done digitally with a few clicks and taps only. By using a school LMS, the whole process can be automated. From admissions, attendance, fee submissions, fee reports, and managing other student information, all can be done online respectively. This makes admins’ work quite transparent and helps in better work management. 

  1. Providing students with better learning content

To provide students with a proper academic understanding, giving them the right learning material is significant. Understanding the theoretical and applicative subjects from the textbooks and guides becomes difficult for many students. Also, listening to the teachers reading out the lessons gets boring for learners too. To enhance the learning experience of the students, using technology is very helpful. By using LMS, teachers can provide students with audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and animations. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly. 

  1. Improved learning experience

School libraries are helpful to gather knowledge, but it comes with limitations as learners cannot visit libraries whenever they want. On the other hand, as discussed above, teachers can provide students with digital learning content, recorded lectures, and more. From a single platform, the learning material can be distributed among the students. From anywhere at any time, learners can access these tools. Better accessibility and flexibility improve students’ class performance and learning experience to a great extent. 

  1. Better interaction with parents

For the growth and development of students, along with teachers, parents play an important role. Due to busy schedules and time constraints, it becomes difficult for parents to attend the physical PTMs, and seeking updates regarding their ward gets delayed. On the other hand, using technology helps teachers to keep parents in the loop throughout the academic year. By using a learning management system, parents can access the learning reports and progress of their wards at any time. Instant feedback-sharing options improve interactions between teachers and parents respectively. Educators can suggest where students are lagging, and what more needs to be done for improvement. 

  1. Promote classroom management

The teaching profession brings along a vast set of duties and responsibilities that need to be done every single day. Conducting attendance every morning, ensuring discipline in the classroom, and exam planning, doing these tasks conventionally should not be practiced anymore. By using technology and software like ERP, teachers can automate these processes. Along with this, teachers can keep a digital check on students’ class performance, see who all are doing well, and who are weak performers, and manage the classroom accordingly. 

Start using a learning management system

To make your school digital, using a learning management system is highly advisable. The features of LMS help different stakeholders in the following ways. 

  • Improved productivity: It helps teachers to become more productive and efficient by automating attendance and exam-related tasks. 
  • Access to e-learning library: by using a learning management system, teachers can provide students with unlimited access to e-learning resources. Visualization enhances both teacher and learner experience in school. 
  • Supports online learning: between and post-pandemic period, online learning has grown vastly. An LMS allows teachers to conduct online live classes for students. The classes can be recorded too for future reference and help. 
  • Enhances teaching styles: leaving behind the conventional teaching methods, LMS allows teachers to become technically smarter and better. Now educators can plan for smarter teaching strategies and classroom management techniques. 


Managing an educational institution is not an easy task, but by using technology and a learning management system, the school authorities and admins can sail through it easily and effectively. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the benefits of involving technology in the school. It enhances the learning and teaching experience to a great extent. 

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