Spring Cleaning Your Closet for a Refreshing New Look

Spring Cleaning Your Closet for a Refreshing New Look

Spring is the time of year when we all reach for our brooms and dust pans in preparation for a good spring clean. We clean our houses from top to bottom and make sure it sparkles with spring freshness. But sometimes we forget to give the same attention to our closets. As the new season begins, it’s a great opportunity to give your wardrobe a spring clean, too! With a few simple tips, you can easily declutter your closet, discover forgotten pieces of clothing, and incorporate some new items into the mix. Whether you’re going for a complete wardrobe revamp or just a few changes here and there, your closet will thank you for giving it a deep clean this spring

Before getting started, it’s important to plan ahead. Begin by setting aside a few hours to devote solely to cleaning and organizing your closet. Make sure all your cleaning supplies are on hand, such as a vacuum and cleaning mitts, a steamer or steam cleaner, and all-natural unscented cleaning products. Once you’ve gathered all the necessary supplies, it’s time to start!

Complete Overhaul: Time to Purge

One of the most daunting parts of spring cleaning your closet is purging the items you no longer need, want, or wear. It can be difficult to part with clothes that hold memories or items you’ve held onto because you think you’ll need them in the future. However, a clean closet is one of the most satisfying aspects of home organization, and purging is a necessary step. Begin by pulling out all the items you know you don’t need, such as items that have not been worn in years, items that no longer fit, or items that are worn out or damaged beyond repair.

Sorting and Categorizing

Next, it’s time to group your clothing items into categories. Group items such as pants, skirts, blouses, and sweaters by the type and style. You may also want to group items by season, such as winter coats, swimsuits, and sundresses. As you sort, consider what pieces can be kept and what will eventually be tossed. Once you’ve been through all of your items, you should have two piles of clothing items: keep and donate.

Store Clothes Smarter

Once you’ve sorted and purged, it’s time to get organized. Designate bins or shelves for each type of clothing item, such as sweaters, blouses, pants, and skirts. Keep items like bras, lingerie, and hosiery together in one place. Identify items that need special care, such as lingerie. Store delicate items separately and consider using vacuum storage bags when packing away off-season clothes.

Add in New Pieces for a Fresh Look

Once you’ve organized your closet, it’s time for the fun part: adding in some new pieces for a fresh spring look. Try out new colors, patterns, and silhouettes. This also an opportunity to get creative and have some fun with accessories such as bags, scarves, or jewelry. Finally, don’t forget to hang or store any new items in their designated spaces to keep your closet looking neat and organized.


By following these simple tips, your closet can make it through the spring clean unscathed and looking its best. Give your closet a good cleansing this season and you’ll be rewarded with a neat, organized, and stylishly refreshed wardrobe. So grab your mop and pail and get ready to give your closet the spring makeover it deserves!

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