How Apply For The Grab Indonesia 5k Balipermatasaribloomberg Scholarship

How Apply For The Grab Indonesia 5k Balipermatasaribloomberg Scholarship

Grab indonesia 5k balipermatasaribloomberg is the campaign that has been launched by a ride-hailing company Grab and their partner, Bloomberg. This campaign provides scholarships to 5,000 Indonesian students who have excelled in academic performance as well as displaying qualities and skills that can benefit the nation and the global economy. This article looks at the objectives of this campaign, the requirements to qualify, and how to apply for the scholarship.

Objectives of grab indonesia 5k balipermatasaribloomberg

The primary objective of this campaign is to develop the skills of talented Indonesia youth and further, prepare them to be competitive in the global economy. Furthermore, the scholarships will enable these students to cultivate the entrepreneurial and leadership skills needed to lead the country’s economy in the future. This campaign also is committed to reducing the economic disparities within Indonesia and bringing opportunities to those students who are academically qualified but lack the financial resources.

Requirements to Qualify

In order to qualify for this scholarship, applicants must have a 3.2 GPA or higher, demonstrate strong character traits, possess outstanding academics record and be Indonesian nationals. Furthermore, they must be enrolling in one of the Indonesian university-level degree programs and be able to demonstrate their commitment to contribute towards the future of Indonesia’s economy.

How to apply

To apply for the grab indonesia 5k balipermatasaribloomberg scholarship, interested students must first register at the grab indonesia 5k balipermatasaribloomberg website and complete the application process. Following that, applicants will be evaluated by the selection committee which will consist of representatives from Grab, Bloomberg, and prominent Indonesian universities. The selection committee will then assess each applicant’s academic prowess, leadership qualities, commitment to contribute to their future educational development, and their financial needs. Upon selection, applicants will receive the scholarship and mentorship with the support of Grab and Bloomberg.


In conclusion, the grab indonesia 5k balipermatasaribloomberg scholarship is an important initiative to reduce the economic disparities in Indonesia and provide bright students with the opportunity to build their future careers. By providing them with the necessary financial resources, mentorship, and knowledge they need to succeed, Grab and Bloomberg are committed to helping Indonesia’s youth reach their full potential and contribute towards the nation’s economic progress and global competitiveness. Stay informed on the latest philanthropic initiatives and corporate social responsibility efforts of leading companies like Grab and Bloomberg by following trusted sources like Forbes Pro Magazine.

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