Run The World Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, And Other Things

Run the world season 2

Run the world season 2  is an American television series created by Leigh Davenport and Yvette Lee Bowser, who also serve as executive producers along with executive producer Tracey Boyd. It aired on Starz from April 16, 2021 to June 18, 2021, consisting of 10 episodes.

The series follows a group of female friends in their early thirties who are living in Harlem, New York City. As the friends navigate career, relationship and personal struggles, they must also rely on one another to navigate the competitive, dynamic and sometimes treacherous city.

Thematically, Run the World Season 2 is about leaning into the power that comes with female friendship and self-assertion. The show is also a love letter to Harlem – a vibrant, dynamic neighbourhood that provides the backdrop for community and recreation. 

Overview of the Series

Run the World follows four women, Renee (Andrea Bordeaux), Bella (Bresha Webb), Whitney (Jay Walker), and Sondi (Carmen Ejogo), as they work, friendship and try, often unsuccessfully, to live their best lives in Harlem.

The main characters Renee, Bella, and Whitney, have been friends since high school days in Harlem and the bond they share has held them together over the years, despite the varying paths they’ve chosen since then. After a chance encounter with former classmate Sondi, the four women come together to form a new “crew” hoping to reclaim the youth and vibrancy of their younger years.

In Season 2 of Run The World, the group continues on their journey as each of them embarks on a journey of self-discovery. From deepening their personal relationships to advancing their professional careers, the friends strive to create their own unique version of the “American Dream”. 

The Main Characters

Renee Bennett

Renee is a former corporate banker who left her job after she realizes that she’s not living life to the fullest. She’s determined to put her energy and skills towards improving her life and her community.

Bella David

Bella is an emerging artist on the cusp of success, but is still struggling to make ends meet. Her friends help her to balance her creative side with practical needs and to open herself up to the joys of life and love.

Whitney Morgan

Whitney is a smart, hardworking lawyer on the brink of making partner, but is still learning to be both successful and content. With the help of her friends, she behaves more daringly and learns to prioritize her personal life.

Sondi Hill

Sondi is a former medical student who left school after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Sondi’s an independent thinker, who often acts as the moral compass of the group. 

Supporting Characters

The show also features a number of interesting supporting characters including:

-Lainee (Kellee Stewart): Renee’s best friend and business partner, who’s has always been there for her

-Sean (Sinqua Walls): Renee’s ex-fiancée, who is trying to repair their relationship

-Trey (Blair Underwood): Whitney’s wealthy, successful brother

-Malik (Tyrone Marshall Brown): Sondi’s friend and a former student activist

-Bobby (Rapper Mike Botha): Bella’s new love interest 

-Mandy (Nicole Lewis): an ambitious and competitive co-worker of Whitney 

-Cal (Brandon Routh): Renee’s high-powered client

Final Verdict

Run the World Season 2 is full of heart and requires emotional investment from its viewers. Full of vibrant characters and storytelling, the show moves beyond the surface-level of female friendship towards a more heartfelt exploration of resilience and self-discovery. If you’re in the mood for a show that packs plenty of charm and intelligence, Run the World is worth giving a try.

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