Is Netflix Moving Forward With ‘kotaro Lives Alone’ Season 2?

Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Lives Alone  is an anime comedy series that follows the everyday misadventures of its titular character, the awkward and slightly cowardly Kotaro. The series offers an endearing portrayal of a young man struggling to navigate his way through the complicated world of adulthood. The second season of Kotaro Lives Alone picks up right after the conclusion of the first season, where Kotaro is still struggling to make ends meet in Tokyo.

Plot Overview

The second season of Kotaro Lives Alone follows a similar trajectory as the first one, but with some new changes. After beginning his new job, Kotaro decides to do what he can to try and save some money and make his living situation more stable. As he does so the cast of characters grow more fleshed out and complex, offering hilarious yet heartfelt moments. Though his struggles are real, Kotaro’s journey to adulthood is an entertaining one, full of heartwarming lessons about resilience and determination. 

Main Characters

Kotaro – The main protagonist of Kotaro Lives Alone, Kotaro is a 25-year-old man who’s struggling to make ends meet. Despite his struggles, he’s a determined and resilient character who never gives up on his dreams. 

Shinya – Shinya is Kotaro’s best friend since high school and is often a source of comic relief. Though he can be a bit lazy, Shinya is always willing to lend a hand when it’s needed. 

Hikari – The other tenant in Kotaro’s apartment complex, Hikari is an enigmatic and mysterious girl who is quite guarded but has a big heart. Her relationship with Kotaro is often complicated and full of comedic misunderstandings. 

Involved Storylines

The second season of Kotaro Lives Alone is full of endearing and entertaining storylines, ranging from comedic to emotional. As Kotaro looks to make his life more stable, he discovers the importance of friendship, understanding, and ambition. 


One of the main driving forces of the series is friendship. As Kotaro navigates the world of adulthood, his friendships with Shinya and Hikari ebb and flow due to the nature of their respective relationships. Despite this, the trio remains connected and their friendships allow them to rely on each other as they all struggle to make their lives better. 


Throughout the series there are moments of conflict but Kotaro is always learning the importance of understanding. Whether it’s between him and his peers, or himself and mundane life occurrences, Kotaro’s ability to be understanding of his current situation serves as the foundation of his resilience. 


Despite all the hardships, Kotaro is still determined to stay in Tokyo and make his dreams come true. His determination to succeed, even in the face of adversity, is an uplifting yet powerful storyline in the series.


Kotaro Lives Alone is an uplifting and heartwarming series that explores the struggles of adulthood with a healthy dose of comedic moments. The second season of Kotaro Lives Alone is no exception, as each episode delves further into the main character’s life journey, offering plenty of comedic moments and heartfelt wisdom.

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